Ken Franklin Guitars


I subscribe to Acoustic Guitar magazine.  I used to turn the pages and make a mental wishlist of all the amazing guitars I wanted to own. Now I just look at the pictures and think "I can top that!"
Stephen Goldman, NC

Above all your guitar should sound luscious. I build with sculpted braces and graduated top thicknessing on guitar shapes that encourage the notes to ring from anywhere on the fretboard.  I use only personally selected woods that I know will bring out an exceptionally clear, rich sound.


The design should be gorgeous.  Just sitting in a stand, your guitar will generate conversation. The form is of classic lines at home in a contemporary setting.  The woods and binding scheme compliment each other, and though it is thin, the finish is like diving in a pool of clear water.  Your guitar is a balanced sculpture in wood.


But it won’t just sit in a stand. With accurate intonation and supple action, your guitar will have a playability that inspires your creative expression. It will be hard to put it down.


And like an old friend, your guitar should be reliable. I build with established techniques and materials for instruments that are just as well-made as they are responsive. Long after you’ve played your last note, your guitar will bring joy to future generations. It’s an investment in a musical life.

I build every guitar with all of these thoughts in mind.

Ken Franklin

Patrick Nagel on Marta